A Album Ten Dollars, You Act Like It’s Ten G’s



A Album Ten Dollars/You Act Like It’s Ten G’s/This Food For Thought Cost The Same As Two Number Three’s/So At Ease With That Broke Shit/We All Tryna Get A Dollar Boy — J. Cole

I love the feeling I get when I peep a new artist that seems interesting and has a sound I like, and then there’s a link to get their latest mixtape, album, or even song for free.  There are a lot of websites that allow users to download music for free (such as Datpiff and Hulkshare). Sometimes artists even upload their own music to their websites or Soundcloud accounts. A lot of the music that I download and listen to is music I’ve gotten for free. If it’s possible to get something for free rather than buying it, I’ll pretty much always choose free. That isn’t to say that I don’t support artists that I like. I do, still, sometimes choose to buy an album from iTunes or even buy the CD from a CD store.

I’ve had conversations with people about the debate around downloading for free versus buying music. I can honestly say, I don’t feel bad when I download music for free. How could this be? The reason is because I go to a lot of concerts. Up until recently, (I’ve been trying to save money for the last few months) I would go to at least one concert per month and sometimes more than one per month. This is the way I support artists. I know that artists nowadays make their money from touring and putting on shows. How can they expect to make a lot of money just based off of album sales alone? I think since Napster first came out, that’s when album sale profit started to decline. (I would need to research that more to be able to say that more confidently, but at this point in time that’s my personal opinion.)

I also have an undying love for live music. It puts me into a state of being completely calm which looks like I am serious or possibly even unhappy. Meanwhile, my inside is going crazy with excitement, marvel, and anticipation. I don’t move, barely dance, and sometimes sing along to the words. It’s easy for me to fall in love with an artist’s sound, lyrics and melody and I fall in love a lot. To see that same artist perform live, is a beautiful bliss. (One of my favorite songs.)

Peep the interview below to see what Wale’s thoughts are about money, success and the importance of touring.

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