When Too Short Bumped In Every Supersport And Taught Us All How To Ride For The West Coast


Puuuuuuhlease tell me ya’ll remember TQ? What a great “throwback Thursday” post this is. This song used to be my jam! I had the CD single for this and I used to play this joint at least once a day maybe more. This is another tune that I have no idea how I even found it. This song still goes hard too! It happened a lot in my household that I would play a song soooo much that my mom would start liking it — that was the case for this song. Guaranteed if I were to play this song right now she would start jammin to it! I’ve only known one other person that knew and liked this song, too. Shout out to Peter, a buddy of mine from elementary school. Hopefully he’s reading this and smiling to himself. If any of you are diggin this TQ song, I just found out that he has a new single out featuring Mystikal…I think this is a track that will grow on me. Don’t say I never put you on to anything…

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