All My Life My Dreams Just Seemed So Far Away, And Now It’s Like They’re Here To Stay



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All My Life My Dreams Just Seemed So Far Away/And Now It’s Like They’re Here To Stay/I Hold It Close To Me. – Yuna

When I moved back to the Bay Area, after living in NYC, I had this nagging feeling of having to start all over again. Anything I had ever done or been a part of, musically, was all in NYC. I didn’t really think there were very many opportunities in music in the Bay Area. I’ve already dismissed that thought in my mind, though. One of the things about the Bay Area’s music scene that differs from NYC’s that I’ve noticed is that, you have to dig a little deeper and pay a little more attention to find areas of interest here. Whereas in NYC, every other person you meet is in music or has a connection to somebody who has a connection and so on. Hard work, determination and focus are some of the things that lead to success. All my life my dreams used to seem so far away and now they finally feel like they are in my reach.

I first found out about the SF MusicTech Summit through a promotional email from Fusicology. Fusicology is an event listing site for progressive soul, hip hop, house, and jazz for the top U.S. markets. I was so excited to find out about the event, because it would be chance for me to meet and network with individuals in the industry, in the Bay Area. No doubt, it will be a great opportunity for me to be a part of this amazing event.

I absolutely can not wait for the event. I will be working the registration desk – so come say hi to me if you would like to meet and connect with me. The event is on Tuesday, May 20th at the Hotel Kabuki in SF. Tickets are still available. Click the above banner to be directly linked to the SF MusicTech Summit website for complete information on the event.

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