I Was The One You Were Born To Seek, And I’m Still Here



I Was The One You Were Born To Seek/And I’m Still Here. – Jill Scott

Do you remember me? What a beautiful track by Ms. Jill Scott. Sometimes I find myself listening to music and then grabbing my pad and paper and jotting down a lyric that sticks out to me. That’s what happened on this track. No matter how many times I’ve heard a song, I always hear something new and fresh with each listen of a track. That’s an amazing feature of music. Or maybe, with each new listen, paired with our constant new experiences in life – we can connect to songs that we previously weren’t able to connect. I know that for my own life, I love to make connections. Music allows us to connect with people based purely on our experiences.

So what connection did I make with this lyric? I remember being burned by love, one too many times. I remember my mother telling me, “somewhere, there is somebody feeling the exact same way as you. And he is looking for you.” I remember feeling hopeful after that. I remember giving up on love. I remember thinking that love, the really pure kind, didn’t exist. And then, love found me. A love from myself. A love from my power. A love from my experiences. A love from you.

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