What If He Walks Towards Me, While All The Blood Is Rushing Right To My Brain, What Am I Gonna Say?



What If He Walks Towards Me/While All The Blood Is Rushing Right To My Brain/What Am I Gonna Say?/What Am I Gonna Say?/I May Stop Breathing And Freeze/Cuz That’s The Story Of My Life. -Elle Varner

#ThrowbackThursday Edition: I saw Elle Varner perform at SOB’s Summer Splash Concert Cruises on August 30, 2013. Although it was the last show on the Luxury Infinity Yacht we (I worked at SOB’s at the time) had, it was my first time attending a show on the yacht. Her performance truly blew me away! I had seen her perform before, in 2011 at The New Parish in Oakland, California. But this time, man…she killed it! I especially enjoyed her performance of “Not Tonight,” a track she wrote and performed with her Dad.

I love hearing songs for the first time, live. It brings so much more feeling and emotion to the song. As a person in the audience, you’re invited to go on a special journey with the artist – one that you can’t go on when you’re listening to the song at home. This song has since become one of my favorites – that I’ve played on repeat in my car, singing over and over again. I identify with the lyrics to some extent, but really, it’s the way she delivers the song that captivates me.

As of late, she’s been gearing up for her the release of  her new album, Four Letter Word, out sometime this year. In preparation for the album, she’s released four tracks with each of them highlighting a different four letter word. The first release, “Cold Case” highlights “Love.” The second track, “See Me Tonight” highlights “Lies.” The third, “Little Do You Know” highlights “Live.” The last track, “F*ck It All” highlights “Loss.”

Upon re-listening to all of them again, right now… I am really feeling “Cold Case.” All of them are definitely worth it to check out though… Listen to them all here.

Don’t sleep on Elle Veezy, ya’ll!

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