Lips That Say So Much With Out A Word, Her Look Is Timeless, I’m Such A Nerd



As Innocent As A Smile My Way/No Idea I’d Be In Heaven Today/Lips That Say So Much With Out A Word/Her Look Is Timeless/I’m Such A Nerd. -Jesse Boykins III

The track, “Before The Night Is Thru,” is the track that put me on to Jesse Boykins III. I first heard it sometime in 2011. I remember thinking “this is a funky beat, that I can groove to,” and then I heard his voice and it just matched the track so perfectly. And the lyrics, man… that first verse. I mean the whole song, but the first verse is so pure and true. He is such a unique artist – so unique that it’s difficult for me to explain it – you really just have to listen to him to understand. In this case, and other cases…when words fail me, music speaks.

Some of my favorite tracks by him include, “Back Home (Mermaids & Dragons),” “Zoner (Demo),” “Restless Dreamer,” and “Runaway.”

Recently, he released his album Love Apparatus and he’s currently on tour promoting it – find him playing a show near you, here. He’s actually performing TONIGHT in San Francisco, at The Independent. Some standout tracks from the album include…err…well, all of them. You better believe I’m going! I could be anywhere else in the world tonight but I’m going to be there with him…


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