Shining Through The Sky, Light In My Dark, Even Stars Burn Out But You Held The Spark



But I Wished Hard, On The Stars/Now Here You Are/Shining Through The Sky/Light In My Dark/Even Stars Burn Out But You Held The Spark. -KING

LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. These ladies! This song might sound familiar to you if you’ve heard “Chapter Six” by Kendrick Lamar from his Section.80 tape OR if you’ve heard “Restless Dreamer” by Jesse Boykins III, as both artists have sampled it. On a side note – JB3 will be live in SF tonight at The Independent, it will definitely be a wavy show. Tickets here. KING is formed by two sisters, Paris and Amber, and friend, Anita. Their voices come together, in perfect harmony.

Since 2011, when I first heard their music, I’ve wanted to see them live. Unfortunately, I missed them in NYC last fall. This summer they will take the stage on June 27 in Los Angeles, at The Lyric Theater. I’m really hoping to make that show, even though I have a wedding to attend in the Bay Area the next day…! But “hey,” why not…right?!

Last spring, they released another track “In The Meantime,” which is also a stellar track! Enjoy!

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