And There You Were Just The Same, So Close My Hands Could Touch You



And There You Were Just The Same/So Close My Hands Could Touch You/But The Lights Were So Bright/And The Crowd Was So Loud/I Guess I Lost You. -Mélat

I first heard of Mélat sometime last year on her cover of Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home.” I actually didn’t know it was a Drake song at the time, and thought it was an original song by her…so then when I heard Drake’s version I thought he had covered her song. And I call myself a true music-head, oh well, we all have our moments. I still prefer her version to his though. Some of my favorite songs by her are: “Wishing Well,” “Balance,” “Wavy,” and “Nevr.”

Her most recent release, “Fan Club” is an upbeat, eclectic sounding tune. It sounds like she recorded the song while watching a movie and didn’t bother to mute the TV. It reminds me of what Frank Ocean did on “Love Crimes.” Listen below, and check out the rest of Mélat’s SoundCloud channel.

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