Government Ain’t Governing, They Sent Home George Zimmerman, While N*ggas In Jail Doing Life For Hustling


ImageGovernment Ain’t Governing/They Sent Home George Zimmerman/While N*ggas In Jail Doin Life For Hustlin/Twisted, F*cked Up/We Live Like That’s What’s Up/We Live Like That’s Okay/Free Your Mind, Find A Way. -Bryant Dope

Lately, I’ve been on an almost non-stop R&B music listening binge. There’s only been two hip hop artists that have been able to creep into the stream, one of them is Bryant Dope. The young MC hails from Queens, New York. Late last year he released his Raw Dope (also the name of the track the above lyrics are from, listen to that track here) mixtape and he’s planning on dropping Raw Dope 2 sometime soon.

The name fits, Bryant Dope. The beats are dope. His flows are dope. Bryant is Dope. Besides his music, he recently graduated college. Rappers with college degrees are also dope. What more can I say? You really should just check this guy out.

If you live in or are planning to be in the NYC area on June 12, I highly recommend you to come through to SOB’s to catch him perform live! He’ll be taking the stage as a special guest on the Last Winter Tour featuring Dreamville‘s own Bas. Buy your tickets here! I’m really looking forward to the show, plus it will be my first time back at SOB’s since I moved back to Cali!

Below, peep the visual for “Real Is All I Know,” also off his Raw Dope tape.

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