The Young Just Live, And Don’t Look Back Or Wait For Anyone


ImageThe Young Just Live/And Don’t Look Back Or Wait For Anyone/And Maybe You Loved Me/But I Just Up And Wanted To Run. -Solange

[Disclaimer: I know there’s definitely one person reading this…rolling her eyes, shaking her head and smiling at the same damn time. Thanks, Da.]

Music has the ability to come in and out of your life only to resurface again, later. There are some artists that I like instantly. For other artists, like Solange, it takes time for me to appreciate and enjoy the music. I am not saying that overnight I became Solange’s number one fan, either. A big thing that I’ve noticed about her is that she has the ability to turn a lyrically sad song into a fun, upbeat track. While on the topic of her lyrics, I still think that her lyrics are a bit plain and simple. She just doesn’t take me there, lyrically, and that’s fine.

Sometimes when I listen to music, I am greedy and immediately want the “full package”: to be stimulated by the lyrics while the rhythm and melody of the song are complimenting them. How else can I describe this…? Through a song..of course! Here’s an example. Not every artist, gives me the “full package” but I do believe that with time it’s possible to grow into a certain artist/song and just accept the music for what it is. A song can still be amazing with out being the “full package.” But before I keep going on and on about that, let me bring this back.

I am beginning to appreciate Solange’s music. She is good at what she does. That’s the most important thing, right? Her music and style, in general, is radiant, retro, colorful, fun and lively. I don’t know why it took me so long to get into her music. But it just happens like that sometimes and it’s okay. I’m liking it. Below, watch her video for “Lovers In The Parking Lot.” I’ve also been jamming to this song, as well!

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