All The Love Came From My End, You Couldn’t Save Yourself If You Tried


ImageAll The Love Came From My End/You Couldn’t Save Yourself If You Tried/And I Want To Believe You/Though I Know I’m Wrong/But My Heart Isn’t Yours To Break/It Can Only Make Me Stronger. -Anais Aida

I’ve been listening to “Love Can Burn,” by singer and songwriter Anais Aida since I first heard it in 2011. I love the opening sounds on the track and they often get stuck in my head. By the time I had heard the first 30 seconds of the song, I was already hooked. All of us at one point or another have been “burned” by love and can relate to the song. The video is pretty intense, I wouldn’t take that route but hey…


Recently, she released some new music that I’ve been jamming to. For example the sad song about a relationship with too many mishaps – “Single Rose.” Another worth mentioning is the sultry, “Watchawannado (Remix)” featuring Topaz Jones. The song is available for free download via her SoundCloud account. I can’t wait for her to release a complete project! Listen below.



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