I Can Take Ya Number, Can’t Be Ya Man, But You Can Act Like It In Ya Instagram


ImageA Flashy Young N*gga Before We Took The Pictures/I Can Take Ya Number/Can’t Be Ya Man/But You Can Act Like It In Ya Instagram. -Troy Ave

Since I’m still on my NYC-hype, while in en route back to the Bay, I figured I would do a quick post on Troy Ave. Previously, he fell under my group of “guilty pleasure” artists. The first song I heard by him was Lotus Powder Bomb – the keymix to Wale’s Lotus Flower Bomb. I like Troy’s version. He makes me laugh. Maybe it’s his tone of voice or that he reminds me of a little teddy bear or that he sings hooks for some of his songs. Who really knows… PS. Shout out to my boy LJ, he does a perfect impression of Troy’s voice!

His recent release, “Your Style” featuring Lloyd Banks, is a hot track! A perfect anthem for your summer playlist – I already have it on mine. Peep the video.



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