I Figured I Was Better Off On My Own, Thinking ‘What Could Have Been’ And ‘What Didn’t’ Is Just As Wrong


ImageI Figured I Was Better Off On My Own/Thinking ‘What Could Have Been’ And ‘What Didn’t’ Is Just As Wrong/So I Put It To The Side And I Focus On What Is Known. -Locksmith

It’s a good day when Locksmith drops a new track, cypher or music video. Today was a good day because he released the video for “Free” featuring Rebecca Nobel! The track off his recently released album A Thousand Cuts. I really enjoy all the colors in the video. My favorite scene is when he’s rapping in front of the mural. There’s a great contrast between colors. He’s dressed in gray and darker colored clothing and then there’s a burst of color on the mural behind him. This imagery works because both Locksmith and the mural stand out – and yet neither are competing for the spotlight. I do have a soft spot in my heart for things that are colorful but too much color can be a problem, as well. It’s all about the balance – another thing Locksmith does right. It’s important to create a point of focus or something for the viewer to pay attention to, may that be on the artist or on the imagery surrounding the artist in the video. Whatever the case is, Locksmith achieves it. One of my biggest complaints about music videos is when the visuals distract from the song, meaning of the song or the artist. With Lock’s videos (at least the ones I’ve seen) that’s not the case. It’s easy to stay “in” the song while watching the video. A big plus in my book.


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