Love At First Sight, Is Better Than Love From Last Night



Love At First Sight/Is Better Than Love From Last Night/Some Night Some Night/That Just Ain’t Right/Cause Your Lips Are Under Attack, Girl/Under Attack Under Attack/You Got It Bad, Girl. -Shy Girls

This discovery was made by going to a concert and getting put on to the opener for the show. I will definitely be checking up on this group from here on out. Last night, I got to cross off an artist from my “Concert Bucket List” because I got to see Maxwell perform live at The Mountain Winery, in Saratoga CA! Before Maxwell hit the stage, we were blessed with an all male group out of Portland – Shy Girls. The lead singer, Dan Vidmar has a voice that is crisp and sensual. I’m still trying to decide how I would categorize their style of music, but basically it’s Jazz melodies combined with Soul lyrics and sprinkled with some Hip Hop beats. The musical breaks in these songs are a big reason for why I like them because you can really focus on the all of the different sounds. Ultimately, you just need to hear it the music to understand. I enjoy all of the songs on their SoundCloud – definitely worth checking out. Below, is a video for the song “Under Attack,” the live version is a bit different because it’s lacking the entire band and back up singers’ support. I happen to like the live version better, for it’s simplicity, but haven’t been able to find a high enough quality link to share. This version allows you to really hear the music though. Enjoy!

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