I Like To Be Alone When I Ride, You Can Follow Me Home, But Just Watch From A Distance When I Shine



I Just Wanna Be Somewhere Far/I’m Always Looking For That Place/Where I Can Shine Like A Star, Alone/Like The North One/Away From The Dipper, See I Differ In My Rise/I Like To Be Alone When I Ride/You Can Follow Me Home, But Just Watch From  A Distance When I Shine. -Stalley

I just watched so many Stalley videos – most that I’d never seen before. I can’t help but think how hard it is to keep up with all the music that’s always readily available at any given moment. As a true Hip Hop and R&B head, I’ve found it’s become increasingly more difficult to hear it all. Not to mention that because of my passion I do find things that I really really like and listen to on repeat and subsequently in the process of that…things start falling through the cracks. It’s a never ending cycle, really. But back to Stalley, he has some dope tracks…! Anybody that knows me should know that I’ll pretty much fall in love with any hip hop song that’s laid over an old school R&B beat. Stalley raps perfectly over Charles Bradley’s “The World (Is Going Up In Flames)”  (actually a song released in 2011 but it still has that “old school” feel to it – that’s for another post though) on his “Petrin Hill Peonies” track.

Yesterday, Stalley released the video for the track “Feel The Bass” from his September 2013 Honest Cowboy EP. His slow style of rap matches the slow beat on the track. It’s always nice and refreshing to hear songs that are lacking that “turn up” sound we’ve all become a little too familiar with. Watching this video and becoming reacquainted with Stalley makes me wonder how could I ever forget to keep him on my radar? But rest your weary heart, Stalley is going to stay on my radar from here on out! I’m hoping to catch him live some day, too!

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