I Was Settling For Less Than What’s Meant For Me



Can You Admit It?/You Don’t Deserve Not A Memory/Not Even A Thought Of Me/I Admit It This Might Be For The Best/I Was Settling For Less Than What’s Meant For Me. -GRACE

Aaaaaaaand finally my almost-two-months-of-no-writing hiatus is over. I can’t tell you how many blog posts I’ve started, set aside, and then haven’t gone back to during this time. I’m excited to be back but even more so excited to introduce you all to this talented newcomer, GRACE. I first heard her back in September and revisited her music last month. In that short amount of time I’ve seen her transformation and growth as an artist. This songstress, hailing from New York, describes her music as basement soul with a mix of hip hop soul that delves into some trap sounds. She keeps it real in her song about loving and being left for another. She channels her feelings of hate into a “really dope love song.” If you like what you hear, be sure to check back here as I’ll be premiering her project TASTE which will be released in 3 volumes.

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