We’re Just Trying To Paint The Town Tonight, Hey We Ain’t Coloring Inside The Lines



We’re Just Trying To Paint The Town Tonight/Hey, We Ain’t Coloring Inside The Lines/Hey, We’re Just Trying To Live Our Lives. -Jinx

Everyone needs a little feel good music from time to time! That’s exactly what you get from this song and video. Jinx blends hip hop, pop and alternative stylings into the perfect combination and his goal is to continuously defy genres while never limiting himself to just one. He’s definitely headed in the right direction with this mentality. We have so many artists out there nowadays such as FKA Twigs, Shy Girls, and Los Rakas to name a few. I love the mixtures and different sounds artists are able to create. The track, “Alive” is upbeat, positive and fun. It has a great rhythm, beat and a catchy melody. In anticipation of releasing his debut album in 2015, he’ll be dropping some more tracks in the near future. Watch his new video for “Alive” below and have a beautiful day!

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