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Wanna Share My World, Don’t You Understand? Your Love Is A One In A Million.



Wanna Please You In Any Way I Can/Wanna Share My World/Don’t You Understand?/Your Love Is A One In A Million/It Goes On And On And On… -Aaliyah

A couple days ago I was tweeting about how when I was younger I wouldn’t listen to or buy full albums. I would just buy a tape or CD single of the song I liked at the time. But today, I was reminded of the album One In A Million by Aaliyah and this was one of the two full albums I used to listen to. (If anyone is curious, the other album was Mya’s self titled Mya.) Originality, uniqueness and true talent are three things that Aaliyah embodied and this is something I look for in artists today. I remember when I heard the news of her passing it felt surreal and I didn’t even know her personally, but I was extremely sad. Her music, especially this album, truly touched me and took my heart and soul to different places that I really didn’t know existed at the time or didn’t know what it meant. Now, being older and being as into music as I am – I understand. It’s the passion. And, for that, I am thankful. Happy Birthday, Aaliyah. Rest In Paradise.