Sell Me That Gold In Your Veins, I Want Your Fortress Next To Mine



Why Don’t We Open Up Sometime?/Sell Me That Gold In Your Veins/I Want Your Fortress Next To Mine/Every Nightmare On Your Plate/Can I Trust That You Won’t Mind? -Gallant

It’s been a reaaaaally long time since I’ve posted a new blog post but this song truly moved me to do so. Lately, I’ve had a thing for vocalists such as SZA, FKA Twig and this newcomer, Gallant. He hits all the right notes in all the right places to transcend directly to my soul. The way the song is written reminds me a bit of what Frank Ocean did on “Thinkin Bout You,” with all the contradictory ideas in order to prove one single point. Writing like that really catches my eye and ear. This song has been giving me LIFE for the last few weeks since it’s release. Listened to it on repeat for a couple days straight. Peep it below and I hope you enjoy the song as much as I do.

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